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Kuhnle Motorsports Park Track Rules


We are an IHRA sanctioned track and we follow the IHRA Rulebook.


Social Media & Personal Conduct

- All Participants and spectators must conduct themselves in a manner NOT detrimental to racing, the track, or its employees.

- Profanity directed toward track employees will not be tolerated. We have a zero tolerance policy for these actions that may result in you being escorted off the property and possible suspension from the track.

- Conduct on social media deemed detrimental to the track or any of its sponsors or employees may result in suspension.

Racer Entrance
- For our events, racers enter pit area parking from far South Gate on Sidley Road.

Race Event Participant

No cash refunds given. Use your ticket as a rain-check.

Spectator Admission
- Wednesday: Race, $20| Adults $10 | Kids (6-12), $3
- Special Events: Check flyers for special event pricing and weekend pricing.

Spectator Entrance & Free parking

- Check each event for parking details, some events may have a parking fee.
- Free parking is available at north lot on Sidley Road. Spectators will be directed to designated parking upon entry.

- Personal vehicles are not permitted to drive through or park along staging lanes. Vehicles parked in another racer pit area or blocking access to a pit area or any vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

- Guests must present wrist band or ticket at the Gate for re-entry.

Credit Cards
- Kuhnle Motorsports Park accepts most major credits cards at the Gate. No ATM on site.

Track Side Seating
- Bleachers are located on both sides of the rack. Guests are welcome to set up folding chairs, blankets and/or canopies, but anyone with canopies may not set up directly in front of grandstands.

- Pit vehicles are permitted to drive on and can park on top of the hills, and in the concession area.

- Personal vehicles are not permitted in these areas.

Camping (Non Racers)

Camping is allowed at select weekend events. Check event details for specific details.


Track Rental

Ken Shieff - Track Manager


Track PA System/FM Station
- KMP broadcasts over the PA/speaker system during each event.
- Radio Station: 90.1 FM.
- Keep radio on to hear important announcements and call to lanes, etc.

Pit Vehicles

- Limited to golf carts, mini bikes, or quads.  NO side-by-sides.
- Speed limit throughout track property is 10 miles per hour.
- Pit vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver, 16 years or older.
- Pit vehicles must be safely and responsibly driven.
- Pit vehicles must yield to race vehicles at all times.
- All vehicles must have functioning headlights and taillights.
- All vehicles will be parked and foot traffic only 1-hour after racing ends.

Saving Pit Spaces
- If towing a race car, you may save up to one (1) additional spaces.
- Saved spaces must be claimed within 2 hours from start of time trials.
- Contact track in advance for any special exceptions.

Restricted Areas
- No spectators under the age of 16 are allowed in the following areas:
- Area past the head of staging lanes.
- Burnout and adjacent areas.
- Drag strip and shutdown area.
- Trackside areas between the retaining walls and primary spectator fencing.

- For our racers, at most events, payout is located in the T-Shirt Shack.

- One passenger is allowed in 14.00 second or slower vehicles during time trials only.
- Passenger is required to have seat belt and must sign release waiver form at Tech Inspection.
- Passenger riding in car must be at least 16 years of age (16 and 17 years of age must also have a signed parental release form).

Technical Inspection
- Tech cards MUST be legible.
- After filling out a tech card, proceed with your vehicle to Tech Inspection area.
- Please only come to the Tech Inspection area after your card is completed. 
- A technical inspector will check your vehicle, give you a RUN CARD (when required), and write your number on your vehicle.
- Every vehicle must be inspected each time it comes to the track.
- Paint markers to write your dial-in can be purchased at the Gate Booth.

Staging Lanes/ Driver Readiness
- Listen to the PA system/radio station for your call to the lanes.
- Once you’ve entered the staging lanes, do not switch lanes, stay with your vehicle, and keep cell phone off.
- Running a street car? MAKE SURE YOUR AC IS TURNED OFF!
- When your lane or class is next, be ready to race: helmet on, seat belt fastened, windows up, ready to fire when instructed.

Water Box
- Cars will be guided into this area by a track official.
- Start burnout only when track official instructs you to do so.
- No hard street tires are allowed to do burnouts.
- All cars with hard D.O.T. tires will start outside of the groove.

Finish Line
- Drive past the finish line, LEAVE VEHICLE IN GEAR, and slow down to approach the return road.
- Turn right at return road.
- Be alert when exiting the racing surface in case your competitor experiences a problem and/or heads off the track.
- Do not cut off your opponent when exiting the track.
- When exiting the track, the left lane driver has the right of way.
- Do not unbuckle or remove safety gear until you’ve reached the ET shack.
- If you experience problems with stopping/braking, control your vehicle to the best of your ability and drive straight off track. Never attempt to turn at high speeds.


Breakage Policy

- After you have made at least 1 run down the track, you will not receive a break pass.

Weekend Events
- If rain or other occurrence halts racing ANY time before the completion of the first round of eliminations for your class, racers will receive 100% credit of entry fee and there will be no payout. This race may or may not be rescheduled.

Summit Super Series Points Race/ Summit Racing Equipment Index Series
- If rain or other occurrence halts racing after the first round of eliminations for your class, points will be awarded from that point in the race. Guaranteed payout less round money will be divided among the remaining racers and no entry fee credit will be issued. In the case of a trophy only class no trophies will be awarded that day.
- If rain or other occurrence halts racing during a round of eliminations for your class and racing cannot continue then the last completed round of eliminations will be used for payout and points purposes.
- In both of these cases the event will be considered completed.

Specialty Events
- If over 50% of the day’s activities are completed, the event will be considered completed and no credit will be given. If rain or other occurrence happens the race may be rescheduled for completion.

- Smoking is not permitted near the starting line or in the bleacher seating.

- Portable restrooms and sinks are conveniently located throughout the track. No on-site showers.

Concessions & Merchandise
- Concessions and KMP merchandise are available. Extra food vendors will be brought in for specialty events.

Food/ Coolers
- Guests may bring food into the track in a cooler 14” or smaller.

- Water and soda in plastic bottles or aluminum cans are permitted.


- Coolers, backpacks, bags, etc. are subject to inspection upon entering the premises.

- Guests can purchase ice by visiting the concession area.

- Sunoco Race Fuel, 110 and 112 will be sold on the North Pit Side of track.
*Race fuel is sold in 5 gallon increments*

- Generators are permitted in the racer pit areas.

- Campfires must be in a self-contained fire pit raised off the ground.
- Fire rings or open fires on the ground are not permitted at any time.
- Must be extinguished and cleaned up before leaving!

- Animals must be kept on a leash at all time and in the owner’s pit area.
- Leashes cannot exceed 6 feet in length.
- Animals are not permitted on the starting line.
- Owners must clean up after their pets.
- Bring your pet at your own risk.
- Owner is responsible for pet’s actions.

Media Credentials 
- Any news/magazine media outlet requesting access must contact the track for credentials prior to an event.

- We do not offer WIFI at our facility.

Area Lodging
Below is a list of neighboring towns and lodging within 5-30 minutes of track. Reservations should be made as soon as possible, as these locations typically sell out during the summer travel season.

1. Hampton Inn (Madison)  440-307-4450 (10 Miles/14 Minutes/off I-90)
2. Holiday Inn Express & Suites (Madison)  440-307-4449 (10 miles/14 Minutes/off I-90)
3. The Lodge (Geneva on the Lake)  866-806-8066 (18.8 Miles/30 Minutes)
4. Lakeview Resorts (Geneva on the Lake)  440-466-8773 (20 Miles/33 Minutes
5. Fairfield Inn & Suites (Ashtabula) 440-880-5500 (17.6 Miles/22 Minutes)
6. Grand River Valley KOA (Thompson)  440-298-1311 (4.7 Miles/8 Minutes)
7. Holiday Inn Express & Suites (Painesville - Concord)  440-898-0900 (15.3 Miles/22 Minutes)
8. Comfort Inn (Painesville-Concord)  440-579-0300 (15.6 Miles/23 Minutes)

For Information on Class Rules

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